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Our competence is probably best illustrated through our work.
Here is a small selection of the tasks we solve – partly in collaboration with our Danish partner DataText.

· Work flows, charts of accounts and teaching materials for the implementation of a SAP/3-system
· Operation manuals and documentation for a dispatching system
· Online Internet course for the European “PC certificate“

· Technical descriptions of apparatus for electronic machinery safety measures
· Operation manuals for pump systems
· Work manuals and on-line texts for a diagnostic programme for auto mechanics
· Cleaning directions for industrial floor coverings

· Education material for managers and mid-level personnel at an international brewery
· Material for further education of service personnel
· Occupational psychology compendium for mid-level managers in a larger firm

· Advertisement texts and videos for the foodstuffs industry
· Information material and tour descriptions for a travel agency
· Product descriptions and directions for the maintenance of quality furniture

· Exhibition catalogues for art exhibitions and museums
· Publications on Danish and German cultural history
· Book on a Danish open-air museum
· Articles and press releases for an international culture festival
· Articles for a Web-based lifestyle magazine