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Translators and mother tongue
All our members of staff naturally work in their respective mother tongue in order to produce translations in the quality we require. All other languages are and will always be foreign languages.
Our translators are of course almost as familiar with the source language as with their mother tongue – due to many years’ residence in the particular country or through intensive studies.

Theoretical linguistic knowledge
Being a native citizen does not in its own right mean that we are qualified to translate. This demands so much more – namely exhaustive studies of how languages are constructed and the rules they follow.
This is why we only employ translators that have acquired theoretical linguistic knowledge and experience – by studying for a linguistic degree from a university or a business college.

" Localisation"
Our translators reside primarily in their home countries and have, therefore, a thorough knowledge of what is going on in their country and can express themselves correctly and fluently – both culturally and stylistically.


Our quality assurance naturally includes proofreading – both as regards content agreement between the source language and the target language, as well as control of the translator’s linguistic accuracy. Proofreading is always performed by someone other than the translator.

Our firm is based on satisfied customers that come back again and again. The fact that our quality assurance works can be seen in our long-term relationships with regular customers. A small bureau like SkanText can only survive and compete with the large firms on the market on quality and quality again.
And we have been able to do so for more than ten years now.